About me

Let me tell you a little bit about me...

Even as a child I had no doubt at all that there is much more between heaven and earth in life than most people believe. I found the common mechanical view of life, which is oriented on material things, to be unloving and limited. So I began to take an interest in everything that went beyond this view at an early age, in order to learn what the world and life was really all about. Later I began to meditate and was interested in parapsychology, religions, shamanism, theosophy and esotericism. I studied western and eastern philosophy, and since I was fascinated by Zen and the fine arts of Japan, I also studied Japanology. Besides that I learned Aikido and practiced it with joy for 15 years. In the course of time I took a number of spiritual and secular trainings, including Transpersonal Integrative Gestalt Therapy, and began to practice Kriya Yoga intensively. For a few years I also ran an adult education centre in Berlin.

Gradually, a spiritual view of the world developed within me, in which all the worldly things have their place. More and more pieces of the puzzle came to me and helped me to put together my expanded picture of live. Some of these puzzle pieces came to me as teachers, some as cats, others came in other forms like the latest scientific findings in neurology and quantum physics.

Over time I learned much about life, but I was still searching. In 2005 I experienced an extreme spiritual breakthrough in India, which revealed an even deeper level of life to me. This changed my life from the bottom up - since then I don`t search anymore, but only find and enjoy the abundance of live.  


Ulrich erfreut sich an der Weite des Meeres

After I learned a lot about spiritual energy in the following years, I fonded my own spiritual work and started to pass on these wonderful energies in hundreds of events. I made literally thousands of energy transmissions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, India, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Bulgaria and in the Netherlands. This was very instructive for me and I was able to witness countless times live, how this resulted in expansions of consciousness and healings for the recipients and myself.

My spirituality is focused on the present moment of everyday life. I appreciate the earthly pleasures, live in a partnership in the middle of Berlin (Germany) and am the happy father of some wonderful children. It is also no contradiction to spirituality for me at all, if you stand up for your rights in a down-to-earth way when neccessary. My connection to my spiritual energy sources gives me the strength to do so.

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