Healing Sessions

Apart from the Anahata Coaching© -individual sessions, in which among other things you can find emotional or mental causes of disease and so accelerate your healing process, I also offer Anahata Healing©-healing sessions. In these sessions I work with the energetic healing methods Anahata Angel Light and Anahata Spirit Light, if neccessary combined with the transmission of Anahata Energy

Heilarbeit xxx

The procedure of such a healing session is easy:

In a short preliminary interview you describe me your problem, then you lie down on my massage table and relax. I connect myself with the respective spiritual power source and start the treatment. Then healing energies flows through me into your body and support the healing processes in it. The more sensitive you are, the more you already can feel during the treatment, which is always very pleasant and completely free of pain. If I realize blockages in your energy system, I resolve them so the energy in you can flow freely again. The resolution of these blockages also accelerates the healing of the body areas associated with them. If they are still not sick, the resolution of the blockages prevents, that on these areas a physical disorder comes into existence at all. At distance treatments you lie down at home relaxed and I work with you as if you would be with me during the treatment. For healing energy, the illusion of separation from each other because of time and space is not existing...

For legal reasons, I unfortunately must report nothing of the many healings which I already had experienced with this work in the course of time. But I can assure you, that I know the effectiveness of these healing treatments from years of personal experience and from feedbacks of a lot of people I have educated in these healing methods, so I appreciate them very much. Just try it out and sign up for a healing session now!


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